Jamie Barrett might just be Jacksonville’s youngest entrepreneur!

Jacksonville Still Has That Entrepreneurial Spirit

At the young age of just 17 Jamie started Blue Moon Printing company when she was still in high school. While some kids were hanging out with their friends Jamie was building something very special, learning how to compete in the real world and creating memories that will last a lifetime. She is very business savvy and has her mother to thank for the business sense and values she instilled in her. Blue Moon Printing sits on the corner taken from across the street on a sunny day

“I grew up doing printing with my parents, I learned everything from my mom. Mom had a print shop near orange park area when I was ‘little’ I used to help her, she did screen printing of t-shirts, printed signs and all types of paper printing.”

Blue Moon Printing is well known in her local Jacksonville neighborhood for printing business cards, flyers, banners and blueprints. They even print signs and she is ‘just learning’ to do car wraps, the type advertisers use to cover cars with company names and logos.

Jamie has learned a lot from her experience, and there have been some growing pains along the way. She opened the business about 7 years ago, and keeps growing and growing to the point she’s had to move the office twice to keep up with business demand.

“When I started out, I was working at home and it was not long before I was running out of room and I was trying to find a solution to my space problem when I found opportunity available next to the Murray Hill Theatre where I used to go to see Christian rock bands.”

“It was the perfect space for me at the time because it was walking distance from my house and the landlord gave me a great deal. I really got lucky getting that first space, but after about 4 years I ran out of room again and rented the space I’m in now at 925 Edgewood Ave South.”

When I asked her how she got started this is what she said:

“I was working at a restaurant while I was still in high school and I really didn’t like it.

I talked to my family about something I would like to do, something that would be easy to do while I was still going to school. With the help of my family I started doing embroidery part time. I was embroidering hats and shirts and I even did motorcycle patches. At the time, all my work was coming from friends and word of mouth.

It just snowballed from there and I started doing more things, I got a little printer from my mom’s old business and I started doing some printing again like I used to do with my mom.”

“We print shirts and banners and flyers and business cards, signs and anything that can be printed on.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t do the embroidery anymore. I got tired of doing embroidery and so I just don’t do it anymore, but we do a lot of t-shirt printing.”

“We print the shirts at another location that’s at a friend’s warehouse. We just don’t have the space in this building to do them here.

We can print any number of shirts you want from 1 to 1000 or more.

We do screen printing and we also do a vinyl printing process that is superheated on and will not come off in the wash.”

“We are learning to do auto wraps, we have a printer that prints them out. We have a computer program that we do the designs on and each car model has its own template that is shaped to fit the car.”

Sing printing machine at work printing out a sign for blue moon printing

“We also started printing blueprints about a year and a half ago.”

So, Jamie what do you love most about your business?

“I love it when I’m driving down the street and I see one of the signs I made or I see a shirt I printed, and I think to myself “Hey I did that” I just makes me happy.”

For Printing in Jacksonville Fl call Jamie Barrett at Blue Moon Printing Company: 925 Edgewood Ave S. Jacksonville Fl 32205 call 904-337-0839 bluemoonprintshop.com

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